Lobo Well Service Inc

Lobo Well Service, Inc was founded in 2004 and started out buying, rebuilding and selling oilfield equipment.  This endeavor led to refurbishing rigs as well.  From there it easily transitioned into field work.

Lobo has grown from a side business to a full fledged working company employing 8 to 10 people full time. 


Dale Slade

Dale Slade has  40 years of experience in construction, trucking and as a mechanic.

Bernie Polanco

Owner Bernie Polanco has been working on rigs and in the oilfield since he was 13 years old.  He has a tremendous work ethic and extensive knowledge of work-over and completion garnered over his 37 years of experience.  Bernie has build several successful businesses in San Juan County, NM. 

Anthony Polanco

Anthony Polanco brings over 20 years experience in work-over, compression and as a mechanic to Lobo Well Service. 


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